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“We Can Lead To The Truth, We Can’t Make You Believe It”


Surveillance UK

Jason Oppenheim

They say, “All that we can not see, is not real” We say Prove it!

Hi, and thank you for taking a few minutes to visit our site. We appreciate for most there will be an anxious and emotional reason you have. Maybe you think your partner is cheating, be that a cheating wife, cheating husband, or cheating partner, you just have that feeling. Visit our cheating partner page for some tell tale signs.
It could be you are a business owner and you feel an employee is claiming for a ‘false injury’ at work, a slip or fall which is stopping them being ‘mobile’ or continue doing their employed role, costing your business thousands in sickness payments or Insurance claims.

From cheating partners, fake injury at work claims, legal investigations including pre-divorce investigations and asset tracing, missing person tracing, International investigations, bug sweeping, and fraud. A full range of surveillance, including, static surveillance, rural surveillance, covert surveillance and cyber, Over the years, we have helped many corporate, private and legal clients to obtain the evidence that as given them the ability to make informed decisions, win cases and achieve absolute peace of mind.

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Private Investigations

Our range of surveillance services are complemented by intense investigation work, which combines leads to unquestionable results, backed by the required evidence. Catching a cheating partner, Internal fraud, or theft in the workplace, locating a missing person including adoption investigations. From the ever increase in cyber-crime, dating site scams, to retrieving deleted messages and data. Our Private Investigators come with a wealth of tradecraft skills and discretion, which is paramount! to get you the answers.

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    (Even Bond was not 100%!)

Over the years Surveillance UK as worked for a wide variety of clients, and had the privilege to be chosen to provide expert advise on a wide range of public topics. Some of our favourites still stand out, never getting old. Our agent reach is global, and is cemented by our excelled reputation within the surveillance and Investigation industry. It is our Dedication, Discretion and Perseverance that provides our clients with a service beyond their expectations. It’s also what keeps us in the ‘spot light’ albeit, has ghost of the night. Just allowing Surveillance UK to work on your behalf, is already the right result

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What Our Clients Are Saying
“Being in the public eye it is not easy to trust anyone, but thankfully after reaching out to the team at Surveillance UK, my worries were easily eased. I needed to confirm the background of an individual I let into my life, and the undercover agents did this for me. With both surveillance and background checks, it turned out not to be a happy ending for the individual who was trying to scam me. A complex situation, executed with perfection.”
JH– Actress
“Were done we start, oh my god I could not be any happier in my life and it is all down to you. I was looking for my real mum after being adopted as a baby, and spent years searching. Your team were so kind and friendly and really help me after I pretty much give up. Not only have they found her, but I have more sisters and brothers I never knew. Thank You thank you thank you… I want to cry again...happy tears x”
Sharon and Mike Pickering
- Nottingham
“After taking over a bespoke hotel, with high profile A list clients, we contacting the team at Surveillance UK to help get to the bottom and eradicate an internal long-established Fraud & Theft issue we inherited. By covertly placing a member of the SUK team among the staff, they were able to identify the culprits, and put a stop to the employees who had stolen thousands. The strategy they laid out and implemented was in a word amazing.”
Dean Hewitt
-Bridge Hotel Cheshire
“I contact Surveillance UK to help me in a marital situation after suspecting my wife cheating. It was the smartest thing I ever did. The guidance and patience of the agents was so professional, and I will always be grateful. Sadly, my concerns were confirmed and the surveillance put in place provided me with undeniable answers. My wife was caught cheating, multiple times, with the builder I trusted to work on my property. I would never have known without Surveillance UK agents. Thank you, James, and team.”
Mohammed K.
– Business Owner / Chemist - Cheadle
“I have recommended Surveillance UK several times to help our clients in legal situations. They provide an unparalleled service and really know what they are doing and how to provide results. I wish them continued success, and I know I can count on them for my clients. ”
– Solicitor (Partner Eversheds)
“Living in L. A, I wasn’t sure I would ever find a missing person who took all my money. My lawyer reached out to Surveillance UK, and we sent them all the details we had. Good lord, they found him I could not believe it. It resulted in my lawyer being able to start proceedings to get my money back. Thank you, kind sirs and madam, you really are the best, and thank you for my flowers. Be sure to visit if you come to L. A”
– costume designer L. A (USA)