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It is our client’s reassurance and peace of mind that is important, so whether it is tracking a partner’s vehicle due to suspicious activity, ensuring your child is safe or perhaps tracking an employee or assets, we can offer you a range of devices that can be deployed to vehicles by our undercover surveillance operatives within seconds.
We also offer bespoke devices to combat theft, employee, children and the elderly’s safety, with real time location updates.


As a client you will have access to regular updates from your assigned investigator throughout the period of hire and provided with daily / weekly reports detailing the movements of the gps tracking device attached to the vehicle including:

  • Times at locations of the gps vehicle tracker
  • Routes travelled of the gps vehicle tracker
  • Speed travelled of the gps vehicle tracker
  • Times of travel of the gps tracking system

We can also provide you with Log in details to your own portal within our tracking software, where you can monitor the tracking device in Real Time.

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  • Cheating Partner Surveillance
  • Covert Vehicle Tracking
  • Asset Tracking
  • Vulnerable Person Tracker
  • Bespoke Children Tracker
  • Demographic
  • Lone Worker Tracker
  • Family Protection
  • Tools & Machinery
  • Fleet Vehicle Tracking
  • Employee Tracking
  • Pet Tracker
  • Goods In Transit
  • Boats / Narrow Boats


First developed for use by the police, our covert tracking devices provide outstanding results. We can view a target in Real Time, and within a 2meter radius of the Live location. Our software works using multiple GPS Towers within a zone, and via satellite confirmation. The very moment movement is detected we are alerted. From here we can provide the full movement, timed identified to the second, and location. This will allow us in any Investigation to know the whereabouts of any ‘Target’ at any one point while using our sophisticated GPS Technology.

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  • Real Time Tracking
  • Installed In Seconds
  • 2meter Pin Point Location Results
  • Latest GPS Technology
  • Multiple Uses
  • Full UK & European Coverage