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About Surveillance UK

Surveillance UK is a professional Surveillance, Private Investigation and Close Protection company serving clients both in the UK and on an International scale. With offices in Manchester and London, with a network of highly skilled talented agents our services can be in deployed upon Instructions within a very short time frame. Many of our agents come from military ex-special forces backgrounds, or police and other law enforcement careers. We ensure they are methodical in their execution of any project, while also being professional, discreet, and aware. The experience from a variety of backgrounds combined is what keeps or repeat clients coming back and for new clients who have never used our surveillance, investigation, and close protection services, they always feel at ease after making the right choice in Surveillance UK.

Our History

First established in 2013, Surveillance UK is new to 2023 in name only. Our founder and a leading agent from the start, took some time away from the world of ‘spying’ and catching cheating husbands and cheating wives, to concentrate on his new family and children. Although, away from the game, he never actually really left, keeping in touch with the network of agents and operatives he built up over the years.

With his children grown up, the increase seen in a lack of professionalism and laziness contributing to poor results for vulnerable clients opened the door for Surveillance UK to be re-ignited. Like a phoenix from the ashes!

Today, we combine our years of legacy and institutional knowledge with the ever increase in evidence gathering resources and technology, along with our expertise to protect and create value for our clients, both in the UK and across the globe. From brains to boots, we purposefully infuse integrity, vigilance, and excellence into our work. Our connected network of resources allows us to learn, anticipate, and deliver new and specialized solutions that span the spectrum of our clients’ needs, from strategy to implementation. No matter when, no matter where, we pride ourselves on being there for you.

It is a trade craft that as been letting the Private Investigation and Surveillance Industry down. Our clients both new and old, are assured that their anxiety and sleepless nights soon come to an end. We are also one of the few agencies, if not the only, that offer an aftercare service for as long has required.

For most, as you read this today, your feelings will soon be yesterday’s past and tomorrows history, and while we answer to all our individual clients needs, we try and make that history a memory of happiness.

It’s time to take Action!