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Just Who Are They?

It is an unavoidable truth: on first meeting an individual, you have no source of information about them other than what they choose to tell you. How many times have you used social media or a dating site and not put your real name? It’s true it happens.
Knowing who you’re talking to, or dealing with is a must if you want to progress the relationship or friendship, yet so many of us fail and fall for charm, the smile and worse the lies!
From new romance, HR requirements, new tenants and private employment, our deep Background checks will help put your mind at ease.

The Importance

A new partner, potential tenants, company employees, those looking at someone to carry out sensitive and discreet work. NHS roles, children’s services and caring for the elderly. Company take-overs, Due diligence for financial decisions, knowing a person is key, but really knowing about them is more. Our detailed background checks provide you with all the important information you need to take an informed decision.

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  • New Partner
  • New Friends
  • New Tenants
  • Tradesmen
  • Property Due Diligence
  • Asset Specialist
  • NHS International Staff
  • Local Authority Request
  • Private Nanny
  • Private Chef
  • Private House Staff
  • Private Security
  • Private Care staff
  • Private Crew
  • New employee
  • Executive Level Checks
  • New Business Acquaintance
  • Company Backgrounds
  • International Due Diligence
  • High Net Worth Claims

THE Checks

In some instances, an employer for instance, will only require a basic background check, which may include a Criminal record check. For others It could be you need a more in-depth background check due to the situation or possible opportunity you are presenting. We can delve into a person’s background and credit history as far back has required. We can visit past employers, or landlords. Speak to other family members and friends, really get a feel for the person, who they really are, not what they just put on an application form or dating site. If they are hiding something, we will uncover it.
All our findings will be compiled into a resourceful report to help you make a decision of importance.

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  • Full In-Depth Checks
  • Criminal Record Checks
  • International Backgrounds
  • Company Due-Diligence
  • Face to Face Confirmation Checks
  • Full UK Coverage