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“Brian is claiming for a bad back caused by a slip on a wet floor at work, yet still manages to get a few days down the golf course, when he thinks nobody is watching!”
Businesses no matter their size are constantly under pressure to ensure health and safety and security in the workplace for their employees. Unfortunately, no matter how good a business keeps updated with risk management, there is always going to be ‘someone’ looking to gain from a false Slip, Trip or Fall insurance claim, or stealing from your hard work. It is the greed in dishonest people.


Internal theft is another area we are noticing has a crime that is escalating, and although the reduce use of cash in the retail sector as seen this crime decline, it has increased tenfold in warehouse and delivery services, which is not a surprise given the high street decline due to online shopping.

Internal financial crime is also another area with increase criminal activity. More so instigated and committed by those you thought you could trust. When was the last time you really looked at your accounts and consolidated your purchase records?
If you’re a small, medium or International company, you are a TARGET and we are here to HELP!

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  • Injury At Work Claims
  • Theft In the Workplace
  • Medical Fraud
  • Long Term Sick claims
  • Industrial Tribunal Cases
  • Landlord / Investor Services
  • Benefit Cheats
  • HMRC Fraud
  • Public Compensation Claims
  • Insurance Fraud
  • Fire Risk Assessments
  • Security Risk Managementt
  • Fleet Vehicle Tracking
  • External Theft
  • Internal Financial Theft
  • Background Checks
  • Company Due-Diligence
  • Brand Protection


Our agents come with a wealth of knowledge and skill to ensure we help protect your business and catch any false claimants. Using a range of surveillance and Investigation methods we will get to the truth for you. We will provide you with a full written report along with time and date stamped footage of any wrong doing.

Working with small, medium and International corporations, including Insurance companies, energy firms, legal departments, local councils, landlords and Private Individuals, our clients know their business is back in safe hands working together with Surveillance UK.

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  • False Claims Proven
  • Latest Surveillance Technology
  • Cheats | Thieves | Corruption = CAUGHT
  • Company Risk Management
  • Background Checks
  • Full UK and International Coverage.