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“Are They Cheating?”

We know it’s not easy, it is an emotional, anxious feeling that your trust, loyalty and more important love for another person is being compromised and betrayed.
But, let us not all jump to conclusions, let’s get answers. Let us work together, put a plan in place and narrow down the facts. Let us get the answer for you.

Our Strategy

There are a number of ways we can help. Firstly, and more importantly is, let’s talk though your anxiousness and why you think they may be cheating. Our phone lines are open till 10pm every day for that very reason, that’s 7days a week! We are here to listen. From there we can devise a plan of action, within a budget, by implementing a number of investigation skills to really find out if your partner is cheating and who with. This can include, covert surveillance, GPS vehicle tracking and controlled investigation measures

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The Signs
  • Late Home poor excuses
  • Mobile on silent more in possession
  • More care on appearance
  • Starts wearing Aftershave / Perfume more
  • Text messages from a work college out of hours
  • Overnight stays with ‘work’
  • Become argumentative
  • Less sex
  • Silly excuses to ‘nip out’
  • Your gut feeling
How We Catch a Cheat
  • Surveillance
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Background checks
  • Recover deleted messages Text / Emails / Pictures
  • Investigation Skills
  • Listening To You
The Outcomes
  • Caught Cheating
  • Caught not Cheating


Depending on which options we work together on our evidence will include a full report, comprising of written evidence, surveillance photographs, covert video footage all and time and date stamped. If they are cheating, we will CATCH THEM and they will have no excuses available. It will be an open and closed case. CAUGHT!
The only way to find out is by taking action, it’s hard, we know, that first phone call or message to ourselves is the hardest, it make’s it all ‘real’ we understand. Our agents are highly trained and ready to listen. You will be a assigned a one-to-one agent with complete discretion. Take action, get in touch, let us put an end to your worries.

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Our services don’t just end at the result. In 99% of cases the result is going to be an emotional outcome, sadly with your gut feeling confirmed. That is why we remain by your side hand in hand to help see you through to the other side. Your assigned agent will remain has a friend and that person you can talk to anytime for as long as you wish