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There can be many reasons why someone needs to be located, Legal service, Unpaid rents, Old school friends, lost family members, and of course, adoption cases, to name a few.
With our vast knowledge of locating missing people, by a number of means using a variety of Investigation methods, we pride ourselves on being in the top 1 of the UK people tracing companies, with the ability to execute a trace with a 100% result within 24hours.

Smallest Of Detail

Just a name can be enough to trace a missing person, but of course the more information you have the quicker we can provide a successful result. Don’t worry tho, part of the Investigation work is looking into the ‘devil of the detail’, what you feel might not be important, could be the missing jigsaw piece. From corporate to adoption tracing, we look at every bit of evidence available.
With our access to none-public software and by implementing our years of tracing skills we aim to find your missing person swiftly and in some cases within a 24hour time frame. Following a strict Investigation process are results speak for themselves. We even carry out tracing for other Investigation companies!

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  • Trace a debtor
  • Trace a defendant
  • Divorce cases
  • Trace a family member
  • Trace Assets
  • Adoption Tracing
  • Old School Friend
  • Ex-Tenant
  • Background Checks
  • Company Connections
  • Missing Person
  • Runaways
  • Missing / Stolen Pets
  • Probate Cases

Please Note: The safety and privacy of those located is our number one priority. In some cases, we will ask the permission of the individual located their willingness to disclose their location.


We live in an age of social media, mobile technology, and online activity just to deal with daily life, in turn, unknowingly everyone leaves a digital footprint. It is from here our trade craft specialist tracing agents start. Working on a person’s digital trail. Along with access to software and none public information we strive to ensure a successful result, and where required all by making the subject unaware. This allows clients to serve any required legal documents and collect on outstanding debts. In adoption and old family or friend locates we will speak with the subject prior to disclosing their location as these cases are very complex but also offer rewarding results, however it will be down to the individual if they wish to make contact. We have to say, 9 out of 10 cases they do, with happy tearful reunions.

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  • Debt Runners
  • Adoption Tracing
  • Legal Process Service
  • Runaways
  • Background Checks
  • Full UK & International Coverage