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“Our Team Are Here, Ready To Help”

We have provided some of the more common questions and answers below that we are asked, and we hope these help. However, no two cases are the same, so you may have a question or concern not highlighted. In which event, please use one of the options to get in touch, via our Social media links, the WhatsApp link, the Instant Chat option, by telephoning on Tel: 0161-327-4287 or alternatively via email at Let’s put your mind at ease.

Private & Corporate Investigation FAQs

What do Private Investigators do?

A Private Investigator’s job is to help private clients or corporate organisations gather facts for difficult and sensitive situations. Private Investigators are here to offer anonymous advice to anyone in need and will gather evidence discreetly & confidently which can later on be presented in a courtroom if needs be. A Private Investigator will always act lawfully. Common duties include monitoring and tracking, personal background checks, tracing missing people, employee absenteeism and history checks as well as investigating fraud and theft.

How much does a Private Investigator cost?

We offer a variety of services to our clients. The cost of investigations can differ greatly depending on the client’s requests. We understand that no two investigations are the same, therefore we pride ourselves on offering a unique and personal service, bespoke to the client’s requests and budget.

When do I pay?

For our private clients we ask that payment is made in full prior to any investigation commencing, this prevents any delay with the process and allows us to provide the evidential report immediately to our clients within hours of the completion of the investigation.

For our corporate clients please contact us to discuss our options for accounts.

A nondescript account is provided for payments to ensure privacy in all investigative matters.

Are Private Investigators legal?

Yes. Every investigation we carry out is 100% legal. We are not above the law and subsequently fully comply with all laws of the country where we are carrying out our investigations.

Is it Confidential?

Completely confidential. Every piece of information you provide to us is for use in the specific investigation. All evidence provided to our clients is for their eyes only. We are fully compliant with the Data Protection Act 1998 and the Information Commissioner. All evidence is kept for the minimum amount of time required before being securely destroyed.

Will a person know or be advised that they are being investigated?

An understandable concern for many clients is the worry that a subject will know they are being investigated and finding out the connection between Surveillance UK and the client. At Surveillance UK our private investigators have developed their skills over a number of years in high-pressure environments. Our Investigators are adept at observing without being seen and using their experience to gather intelligence and evidence without the knowledge of subjects. Our Private Investigators have the ability to blend into any situation and act accordingly with appropriate cover stories should there ever be a need.

Is the evidence from an investigation confidential?

All evidence gathered by our private investigators is handled with care and stored using secure methods. We will never disclose any information gained throughout your investigation with any third party so you can be assured that your investigation is being carried out with complete discretion and confidentiality at mind.

What is the process of hiring a Private Investigator?

All evidence gathered by our private investigators is handled with care and stored using secure methods. We will never disclose any information gained throughout your investigation with any third party so you can be assured that your investigation is being carried out with complete discretion and confidentiality at mind.

How soon can an Investigation begin?

As soon as you are happy with your course of action plan, and payment has been received, we can begin our investigation. This could be within as little as four hours of initial contact.

GPS Tracker Rental FAQs

Do you offer long term pricing?

Yes. We are able to deploy a GPS tracking device from 7 days until you are satisfied and no longer need to hire the GPS tracking device. Please note that trackers might need charging after a certain amount of time, however this will not cost you extra.

What areas in the UK do you cover?

At Surveillance UK we have professional private investigators located throughout the UK, and are therefore able to deploy GPS tracking devices nationally.

Is it legal to use GPS vehicle trackers?

Absolutely, Surveillance UK will never break the law. Our private investigators work to a strict code of conduct. When you hire a private investigator to track a vehicle, you can be confident knowing that we will always work ethically and within the limits of the law.

Are you able to send me location updates in real time for my GPS tracked vehicle or asset?

Yes. We are able to provide real time tracking information 24/7 upon request. You will receive updates about the current location of the vehicle tracker along with the amount of time the vehicle has been static as well as map imagery displaying the vehicle’s GPS location.

What happens if the GPS tracking device is found?

Our private investigators are extremely experienced in placing our GPS Trackers on a full range of vehicles, ensuring that the chance of discovery is always minimal. There is however a very small possibility that the tracking device can be discovered if a vehicle went into a mechanic garage and work was conducted in the area of the tracking device for example. In this case, the GPS tracking device can be wiped of information remotely, meaning the finder will find the device unusable. The GPS Tracking device has no labelling or signage that connects it with Surveillance UK, meaning this can never be traced back to us or you as the client.

How could using a GPS tracker help my investigation?

Having a GPS tracking device deployed on a subject’s vehicle allows for Private Investigators conducting the surveillance the ability to locate a vehicle that may not be in the assumed location as the day’s observations start meaning the hours of surveillance a client is paying for is put to best use.

Do I have to install the GPS tracker myself?

No, our private investigators are trained and experienced in deploying gps tracking devices onto a range of vehicles and understand how to deploy a tracking device to ensure the device remains hidden and undiscoverable while providing accurate reporting..